Army ROTC Scholarships

There are several types of ROTC scholarships, and all have similar benefits:

100% tuition (in-state or out-of-state) and mandatory fees (or, room and board)
$1200 per year book allowance
$300 - $500 per month living allowance

For new students, scholarships cover all 4 years (5 years for STEM). For students who already have some college completed, the scholarship will cover the length of time you have left to graduate. Graduate students are also eligible!
Scholarship eligibility varies with each type, but all have these general requirements:

US citizenship
Under age 31 when you graduate
No disabilities or physical limitations
No felonies or domestic violence convictions
Single parents need a waiver
High school graduate or College transfer (current HS seniors can apply throughout their senior year)
2.5 GPA (high school GPA for new students, or college GPA for current students)
19 ACT or 920 SAT score (only required for new students)

The deadline to apply, and the procedure, varies with each type. Please select from the Navigation menu again to drill down into each specific type of scholarship that is available.