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The OU Army ROTC has its roots in the Student Volunteer Regiment, which was formed in 1917 as a result of the entry of the United States into the First World War. Then-University President Stratton D. Brooks approved the creation of an amateur military unit at the behest of the study body, which demanded instruction in basic military skills and tactics. The Regiment, however, lacked instructors, equipment, and formal support from the Army. Lasting only one semester, the Student Volunteer Regiment was soon supplanted by the Student Military Regiment, which was led by two retired Army officers who themselves hand-carved wooden military drill rifles.

The War Department finally granted formal support for military training at the University of Oklahoma in the fall 1918 with the creation of the Student Army Training Corps - a program designed to train students for immediate wartime service. With the abrupt end of the War, however, the program was short-lived, and it was soon replaced by the Reserve Officer Training Corps, which sought to train college-educated men for commissioned Army service.[1]

Since then, the OU Army ROTC has continually produced Army officers - save a brief interruption during the Second World War, which was a war in which 503 OU Army ROTC alumni were killed. OU Army ROTC alumni have served in every major American war. Today, most recent graduates have served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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FALL 2022

LTC Wolf Bio Pic.png

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Wolf

Professor of Military Science

Years in Service: 2004 - Present

Branch: Field Artillery

Contact: kevin.wolf@ou.edu

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Master Sergeant Shawn Jones

Senior Military Instructor

Years in Service: 2001 - Present

Branch: Field Artillery

Contact: shawn.d.jones-1@ou.edu

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Major Sean Hoyt

Assistant Professor of Military Science

Years in Service: 2010 - Present

Branch: Transportation

Contact: sean.n.hoyt@ou.edu

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Captain Christopher Guthrie

Assistant Professor of Military Science

Years in Service: 2002 - Present

Branch: Field Artillery

Contact: christopher.d.guthrie-1@ou.edu

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SFC Spang.jpg

Master Sergeant Seth Spang

Military Science Instructor

Years in Service: 2006 - Present

Branch: Infantry

Contact: seth.spang-1@ou.edu

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SFC Rubach OU Headshot.jpg

Sergeant First Class Joshua Rubach

Military Science Instructor

Years in Service: 2003 - Present

Branch: Combat Engineer

Contact: joshua.a.rubach-1@ou.edu

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Mr. Hershel Turner

Recruiting Operations Officer

Years in Service: 1979 - 2018 - Field Artillery

Years in Program: 2020 - Present

Contact: hershel.l.turner-1@ou.edu

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ShayneEmerson Bio Pic.jpg

Mr. Shayne Emerson

Supply Technician

Years in Program: 2022 - Present 

Contact: ssemerson@ou.edu 

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Ms. Sandy Burleson

Human Resources Technician

Years in Program: 1986 - Present

Contact: sburleson@ou.edu

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Mrs. Ridley Nix

Administrative Staff Assistant

Years in Program: 2022- Present

Contact: nix@ou.edu

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CDT Bouch.jpg

Cadet Malachi Bouch

Battalion Commander

From: Tulsa, OK

Education Status: MS IV, Letters and Constitutional Studies Undergrad 

Service: N/A

Future Plans: Active Duty Military Intelligence (Branch Detailed Infantry) Officer

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CDT Walters_edited_edited.jpg

Cadet William Walters

Command Sergeant Major

From: Stilwell, OK

Education Status: MSIV, Anthropology Undergrad

Service: Charlie Troop 1/180th CAV

Future Plans: OK NG Infantry Officer

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CDT Belding.jpg

Cadet Morgan Belding

Battalion Executive Officer

From: Manassas, VA

Education Status: MSIV, International Studies Undergrad

Service: 120th FSC

Future Plans: Active Duty Ordnance Officer 

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